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MSB Training and Consulting is a sales consulting and training firm that specializes in helping companies that have complex, often conceptual, and generally high ticket sales to increase their sales revenue and profits. We support organizations in developing and implementing account management and sales processes. MSB partners with organizations to transform a product-oriented sales approach to a client-focused sales approach.

Our clients increase their revenues and profits because they are better able to:

  • Build stronger relationships with existing customers
  • Increase the perception of the value their organization delivers
  • Expand revenue generating relationships with existing customers
  • Discover and open revenue generating doors to new customers
  • Decrease the focus on price as well as overcoming objections to the price


Some of the skills our clients develop through our programs and coaching:

  • Develop a greater understanding of their customer’s business challenges and priorities
  • Uncover information more effectively
  • Identify appropriate solutions for customers and communicate them in a way that differentiates the solution so it is meaningful to different buyers
  • Create and deliver meaningful value messages to multiple levels in the customer organization
  • Gain access to higher buying levels within the customer’s organization and sustain those relationships
  • Identify the customer’s “cast of buying characters” as well as their needs and motivations
  • Negotiate day-to-day issues and long-term contracts while creating a win for both parties

We observe three global challenges organizations confront when they attempt to increase revenue and develop closer relationships with their clients.

Challenge 1:
How do we plan account strategies and manage accounts so that our organization is perceived as addressing client challenges and we can clearly identify ways our organization’s offerings can provide optimal value?

Challenge 2:
How do we craft and communicate meaningful competitive value propositions to all the buyers for our sales so we are not out sold and we maintain our profit margins?

Challenge 3:
How do we help our staff manage the encounter with each buyer to a successful outcome whether the activity they are performing is selling, negotiating or supporting the ongoing relationships?

MSB’s courses and the comprehensive approach to increasing sales effectiveness empowers and enables organizations to overcome these challenges. We can help you transform your sales organization and account management operations. The result is increased revenue and profits as your team is perceived as client-focused and consultative by your customer who understands the unique value your company offers.

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